How To Talk Like A Home Inspector

Home Inspection Glossary & Alan Sherin | Home Inspection Time

Talk the Home Inspector Talk

Your Home Inspector and Realtor toss around  a lot of jargon and so many real estate industry terms that it may be hard to keep track of it all let alone commit it all to memory. Someone should create a glossary to help understand what they are talking about. We couldn't find one we liked, so we created our own Home Inspection Glossary for you.

Meet The Home Inspection Glossary of Terms

We compiled a Home Inspection Glossary to help you and our home inspection clients so everyone can have a simple easy-to-understand glossary resource at their finger tips. Want to look up those terms and jargon that sound familiar, but maybe you need to look it up to be sure? Well, this Home Inspection Glossary is made just for you!

Take Me To The Glossary

Pick a term, any term and if it is related to home inspection, you will find the definition listed here in the Home Inspection Glossary.

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