Is Your New Home A Money Pit?

Top 10 Home Inspection Nightmares | Home Inspection Time Denver

Let's Inspect Your New Home

Is your new home a money pit? Just for fun, let's imagine you just bought your perfect dream home in Denver. (Obviously, not the one pictured here, I'd never let you buy that!) Let's also assume you just plunked down $650,000 for a magnificent craftsman style home. Built in the 1940's, it looks amazing with built-in nooks and vintage architectural features that you won't find in a new construction property. Pure love.

Home Sweet Home

So many emotions! The dream of homeownership is finally yours. Everything is put away. Everything perfect. It looks like you have lived here for years already. You can't wait to throw your first party and show off your new home.

The First Night In Your New Home

Exhausted, you both settle into your cozy bed with brand new bedding, of course, homeowners at last. The night is magical. The beginning of a new adventure.

Did You Leave The Faucet Running?

Just as your eyes begin to close and HGTV visions of home decoration ideas dance in your head, you start to hear strange noises. "Did I forget to turn off the faucet?" Stumbling from the bed, you stub your big toe on the bedpost as you limp by and try to remember which direction the bathroom was.

Water Faucet Drips | Home Inspection Time Denver

You Follow The Sound

As you round the corner, you see it. Drip, drip, drip. So you shrug it off and go to tighten the faucet. Drip, drip, drip. Oh well, you'll just call the plumber in the morning. Back to bed.

Why Did I Waive The Home Inspection?

As you head back to bed, now your mind starts to race. I hope I didn't just spend $650,000 on a money pit. The real estate market is so hot here in Denver, there were five other very qualified buyers all competing for this house. "Waive the inspection!" I said. Now I think that was a big mistake.

The Nightmare of Home Ownership

You now find yourself in the middle of the ultimate home ownership nightmare. It's a common nightmare shared by all home buyer's who didn't insist on a home inspection before they close escrow. Did you just buy a $650,000 money pit?

Top 10 Home Inspection Nightmares | Home Inspection Time Denver

The $650,000 Money Pit Nightmare

Remember that old Tom Hanks Movie? You know the one where he and his new bride buy a spectacular home at an amazing too-good-to-be-true price but it turns out to be just a money pit? Yeah, now you start to see yourself cast in that role, only in this movie, it's your home that is the nightmare.

You Waived The Home Inspection, What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

You twitch, punch and twist your pillow, toss and turn, but no matter what, you just can't stop thinking about that stupid leaky faucet. Now you wonder what else is hidden behind these walls?

Faulty Wiring

As your nightmare begins to unfold, you are wandering the house in the dark now. It's as if you are in a horror movie of your own design. The hallway stretches to infinity, or so it seems. Lightening flashes now illuminate your path to a wall outlet that is shooting out sparks and flames like a fire breathing dragon. Frozen now in complete horror. You are struck speechless as you watch flames begin to eat away at your walls. It's just a dream, so the fire just stays there like some kind of augmented reality video fire effect. What else is wrong?

The Roof Leaks, Too

Just as you were about to put out the electrical fire, lightening strikes directly in front of your window with a clap of thunder so loud it shakes the house to its foundation. Rain begins to hammer the roof like a million woodpeckers pecking. Oh no, not the roof! You look up at the ceiling and just as you do, you feel a single drop of water tap you on your head. Uh oh. Just as you begin to wipe your brow, the ceiling opens up as wide as the Grand Canyon and water comes pouring down like a waterfall.

Drowning in Poor Drainage

Drenched, knowing that water goes downhill, you run as fast as you can, barefooted, down the stairs to the basement. Is it leaking in the basement? You open the door to the basement and try to flick on the light switch to check for signs of water intrusion. Of course the light won't turn on, this is your home inspection nightmare remember? Lightening lights up the basement just long enough for you to see the floor filling with water that is cascading down the foundation walls.

No Where To Turn

You quickly slam the door to the basement hoping that the rain will stop before too much damage occurs. Is the insurance even going to cover this? Where are we going to live now?

What Else Is Hidden?

Now your home inspection nightmare intensifies into a hellish montage of hidden hazards coming at you all at once. Faulty wiring starts an electrical fire. Poor grading and drainage floods the basement. Gutters filled with debris overflow their channels and start to erode the foundation, liquifying before your very eyes. The roof, which looked to be perfect, is now missing shingles and sheathing and pouring rain is entering the house.

Wake Up And Schedule a Home Inspection

As fast as it came, the rain subsides. Morning has come and you find yourself awake in your new home. You look around for all the damage and it all looks fine. Thankfully It was all just a horrible nightmare. Then you hear it. Drip, drip, drip. Time to get a home inspection and put your mind at ease.

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